nathalie Verdier

nathalie verdier

mixed media on paper framed 47x65"

Her studies at the École des Beaux-Arts de Valence during her youth enabled her to practice and master academic drawing as well as to learn art history, from Bourdin to Giacometti. Her increasing understanding of drawing quickly led her to her own signature style.
In 1983, she began studying at the École des Beaux-Arts de Nice, a time that proved to be one of experimenting and questioning. It was also a time during which her work was greatly influenced by Zao-Wou-Ki. In 1984, she completed drawing for Prêt-à-Porter and for Haute Couture. She then concentrated on working her spontaneity and speed of movement. At the same time her work at Pierre Chave's workshop allowed her to print lithographs for Ernst, Tobiasse, Cottavoz, Le Broquy, Franta, Curozau, Haiting and Rochon.
In 1989, she had her first exhibition in Nice where she unveiled her drawings in black and white in which the white of the paper appeared to play with the restless silhouettes. Encre de Chine and Japanese paper gave her style and extreme-orient appearance that she more or less wanted. Two years spent in California helped her free herself of these influences.
While in California, Nathalie Verdier participated in numerous exhibitions, notably at the Open Studio in San Francisco. At this stage of her artistic development, the spaces around her figures began to be filled in and structured. The appearance of signs and symbols denote her move toward abstracts and her departure from minimalism.
From 1995 onward, she participated in New York's Art Expo and in 1996 some of her works on paper were exhibited at the Galerie J. Otmezguine in France.
Nathalie Verdier's work tells a story, explaining and observing. It represents passions, vibrations and inner feelings that bring the subjects to life. She tracks down the minute details of life and transforms them into a pictorial fairytale and frames them in a lyric setting. The colors appear as if to soften the spell cast by her ebullient characters.



comedians du theatre 12x19" mixed media

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