Lina Vandal

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lina vandal

Règles fluos

Fluorescent Rules

40x30" mixed media


Red Passwords

20x20" mixed media on canvas


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Lina Vandal was born in Montreal in 1952. At an early age her father, an architect, introduced her to arts, encouraging her to attend the Montreal School of Fine Arts. Later on, her curiosity and her passion for the art world expanded to include ceramics, sculpture, drawing, painting, theatre and even the circus. In 1999, while pursuing a career in advertising, she decided to invest herself in painting. Portraits and human bodies became the focus of her research, and a central theme in the work. Vandal’s paintings combine raw drawing, subtle tones, figurative and abstract elements. She uses acrylic, charcoal and pastels on canvas. She sometimes trades the brush for a sponge. She studied namely with Sophie Jodoin, Jacques Clément, Olivier Longpré and Jean-Louis Émond. She regularly participates in live model workshops and is an avid reader on human anatomy.


2010: Solo exhibition, Galerie Espace, Montreal

2004: Fall salon, Town of Mount-Royal

2003: Fall salon, Town of Mount-Royal

2002: Fall salon, Town of Mount-Royal (first prize) Charlot Fleurs et cadeaux, Longueuil

2001: Spring salon, Town of Mount-Royal (first prize)

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