Francois Trottier

prices range 350-6000


Ebullition 40x30 oil on canvas

trottier cityscape

36x12 oil on canvas

François Trottier was born in Montreal, in 1953. His father, the influential artist Roger Trottier, graduated from L'École du Meuble de Montréal during the "Refus Global" period. As a self-taught artist, Francois has been painting with passion since 1975; but he really decided to approach this second career in 2000, parallel to the first one, acting. He then opened up to the idea of presenting his artwork in galleries: two solo exhibitions in 2002 and 2003 in Montreal proved to be a great success. His work materializes and is then transformed into passion with the certainty that a kind of paternal guide shows him the way.



2010 La Pergola, Gujan Mestra, France
2008 Solo 9, Mario Beaupré, Montréal, Quebec, Canada
2006 Le Clos des souquets, Fabrezan, Corbières, France
Mario Beaupré, encadreur, Montreal, Canada
2004 Alliance Française, Hong Kong
2003 Galerie Richelieu, Montreal, Canada
2002 Exposition à la boutique Mondo Unito, Montreal, Canada
Biosphère, peinture en direct, parrainé par Pfizer, Montreal, Canada

2010 Les estivales de Montjoi, Tarn et Garonne, France
Diane’ Arts, St-Laurent de Cabrerisse, Corbières, France
Galerie Courant d’art, Moliets, France
2008 Bleu, blanc… neige, Galerie Ève Fontaine, Quebec, Canada
2007 Galerie du Ruisseau, Laval, Canada
2006 Comparaison, Cotignac, France
Maison de la culture, “Peintres d’ailleurs”, Tours, France
2005 Concours Diversity in Art, 21st international exhibition, Museum of Tunis,
Kheireddine Palace, Tunisia
Galerie 1225 Art Et Vin, Montreal, Canada
2004 Place des Arts, exhibition “Against the Death Penalty”, Montreal, Canada
Mausolée du Ruisseau, art exhibition V.D.A., Laval, Canada
Galerie Richelieu, Montreal, Canada