Todd Tremeer

Price range: $150-4000


reflective water

Reflective Water

9x12 oil on wood



todd tremeer

Sunset Bob Lake

9x12 oil on wood


Tremeer drypoint

Things Unsean Typewriter

Drypoint Engraving


Beach Day

9x12 oil on wood


Canoes for rent

9x12 oil on wood



5x7 oil on wood



Army Tanks

8x10" oil on panel





Dollhouse Mineratures

oil on wood 8x10



todd tremeer

Mazina Beach

12x9" oil on wood



Forest lake campground sketch

9x12 oil on wood



Sunset Lake

9x12 oil on wood


todd Tremeer


Reflective Water

9x12 oil on wood




U.S. G.I.

oil painting on vintage TAMIYA model box

6x7" $450.00



Model Box Paintings

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"My paintings begin with direct observation of the subject. Be it a museum interior, an isolated object or landscape, I find painting on location to be the most effective way to capture the spirit of the subject. Small panels and oil paint are my preferred materials, the smoothness of the panel and slow drying time of oil allow the paint’s surface to be quickly built up, moved around and drawn over with small brushes, sharp tools or wiped with rags."


2007: Master Fine Arts, Western University

1998: Bachelor of Education, Brock University

1997: Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) University of Guelph

1995: Fine Arts Diploma, Ontario College of Art & Design

Off-campus Studies Florence, Italy. (Ontario College of Art & Design)

Selected Exhibitions (Solo* 2-3 Artists** Group***)

2018: Shipped, Quest Gallery, Midland.***

2017: History Now, Durham Art Gallery, Durham (May).**

Durham Reach, McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa.***

2016: Curiosities, Core 21/ McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa (Sept.).*

History Paintings, Critical Mass, Port Hope*

Curiosities (photo mural) Core 21/Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa.*

Crossing Borders, BlueSeed Studios. Saranac Lake, New York.***

2015: Wargames: Todd Tremeer & Roch Smith. Byward Market/ Ottawa School of Art.**

2014: Space Invaders, Downtown Oshawa.***

10 Years On: Plaskett Award Winners, Equinox Gallery, Vancouver.***

2013: Boxed-in, The Rooms, St. John’s NL.***

Space Invaders, downtown Oshawa.***

2012: Seven Canadian Artists, Beijing World Art Museum. China.***

2011: Wartime, St. Thomas-Elgin Art Centre, St. Thomas.*

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition Award Winners, First Canadian Place, Toronto.***

Canadian Printmakers, Cultural Centre: Inter-American Development Bank, Washington DC.***

Todd Tremeer & Pierre Durette. Atelier Circulaire, Montreal.**

Picturing the Past, White Wall North Gallery, Toronto.*

History Painting, Harcourt House Arts Centre, Edmonton, Alberta.

2010: Making War, Centre for the Arts, Elora.*

Little Wars (make me), Lab Space: Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, BC.*

War Up Close, White Water Artist Run Centre, North Bay.* LOLA Festival, London.***

Wargames, “Culture Days” Forest City Gallery, London.*

Reconnaissance: William MacDonnell & Todd Tremeer, Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre.**

2009: A Past Again, Station Gallery, Whitby.*

Best of 2008: Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition Award Winners, First Canadian Place, Toronto.***

Replay, Latcham Gallery, Stouffville.*

Toy Soldiers: Todd Tremeer, Toni Hakenscheid, Bruce Montcombroux, Forest City Artist Run Centre, London.**

A Past Again, Centre for the Arts, Cambridge.*

2008: The Great War, Library, St. Erme, France.*

Joseph Plaskett Winners Exhibition, Concourse Gallery, Emily Carr Institute, Victoria BC.***

Summer Show, Upstairs Gallery, Port Hope.***

Michael Gibson Gallery, London.***

2007: Painting History/History Painting (thesis), Macintosh Gallery, University of Western Ontario, London.*

Things Unseen, Clarington Museum & Archives, Bowmanville.*

Destinations Real or Imagined, Open Studio/Toronto International Airport.***

Print Show, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto.***

2006: Things Unseen, Visual Arts Centre, Bowmanville.*

2005: Ideas & Process, Upstairs Gallery, Port Hope.*

Baghdad Museum Project (travelled: Propeller Centre Centre, Toronto; Latcham Gallery, Stouffville 2004; Visual Arts Centre, Bowmanville 2004)***

2004: Landscapes: Etchings & Oils, All Seasons Gallery, Toronto.*

Portrait of a Town, Upstairs Gallery, Port Hope.*** Land & Water, First Canadian Place/Painted City Gallery, Toronto.***

Duotopias— Curatorial Project: Robin Pacific, Visual Arts Centre, Bowmanville.***

2002: Aspects of Realism, First Canadian Place /Painted City Gallery, Toronto.***

2001: Energy Implosion: The (905) Imagination, McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa.***

Recent Work, Painted City Gallery, Toronto.***

Painted City Gallery, Toronto.***

2000: Painted City Gallery, Toronto.***

1998: Making History, Visual Arts Centre, Bowmanville.*


Mural Commissions

1998-2005: 12 Historical Murals, Downtown Bowmanville. Each approx. 10 x 20 feet.

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Tremeer Canoes



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