Joe Sampson

price range 1000-19,000

joe sampson painting

Afternoon Light

48x36 oil on canvas


waves beach sampson

Toward the Finish

48x48" oil on canvas

Drawn to shorelines, beaches, lakes, oceans and streams, water is Joe Sampsons focus. Joe uses water imagery to depict the dichotomy between movement and immobility. A detailed understanding of light’s ability to create color, shadow and tone is utilized to set mood in each painting. Whether it be cold, warm, tranquil or angry, waters’ magnificence strikes the viewer and an emotional response is evoked.  

From a distance, the viewer is drawn towards what appears to be a photograph. Upon closer inspection, brushstrokes are revealed and the observer is made aware of the meticulous layers of brushwork, resulting in the illusion that the viewer is still for an instant, at the waters’ edge.

"I believe water to be one of the most challenging subjects to capture, its constantly moving and changing shape and colour. A dynamic composition and an understanding of colour light and shadow are my artistic goals. Creating a mood and feeling help me achieve my ultimate goal, which is capturing a moment in time and holding it forever.

Joe Sampson

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Solo Exhibits

Studio House PEC 2014

Harbour Gallery 2013

Harbour Gallery 2011

Group Exhibitions

Affordable Art Fair New York 2014

“The Toronto Art Expo” March 2004-07
“The One of a Kind Show” Visual Art Gallery, Toronto, Nov 2006,07
“City Field North Shore” Niagara St Gallery, Toronto, Sep 2006
“The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition”, Toronto, July 2001,2003,2007
“The Windsor Art in the Park” Windsor, June 2006
“The Cobourg Art in the Park” July, 2006
“The Oakville Art in the Park”, Oakville, Aug 2004-07

“The Oakville Art Society Annual Jurried Show” Best in Show “Ron Middleton Award.”
“Etobicoke Civic Centre Annual Juried Show” The peoples Choice Award.

Ontario College of Art and Design
Graduated Honors 1995

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joe Sampson painting

joe sampson

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