Susan McGillivray

Price range: $2000-3000


Wine Country (Vinyards)

42x36" oil on canvas


susan mcgillivray oil on canvas

Night life

36x30" oil on canvas


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Born in Yorkshire, England, in 1947.
Susan moved to France in 1949 and immigrated to Canada in 1951. Since then, she has lived in Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto. As a child, Susan spent hours drawing and painting. In 1969, she painted in her spare time and sold her work privately to several large corporations such as RCA Canada and General Aviation Ltd. she also did medical illustration at the Montreal General Hospital. With the birth of her first daughter, Susan put away brush and palette only to resume in 1977 when she moved from Vancouver to Toronto. The ensuing fifteen years were years of study and work geared to expanding her artistic horizons. In 1992 Susan's daughter moved to France to be married and Susan moved to the countryside north of Toronto; at that same time, she began painting full time and became self-supporting through her art. Her return to Vancouver in 2004 has been a source of inspiration, and the discovery of new surroundings a constant delight and artistic stimulus. The main focus of her work is the light and how it infuses her subject whether it is a landscape, still life or a street scene. She still makes regular visits to Montreal and Toronto as she has many deep connections there.

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