Catherine Lempereur


range 1000-5000

Bouche Bonbon 39x59 digital on acrylic



39x59 digital on acrylic


Born in Belgium Catherine Lempereur grew up in a bucolic landscape where the colors of the valleys delighted her childhood, surrounded by a family passionate about art, music and many other things, parents who transmitted her unconditional love but above all a freedom to choose one's own destiny. It was very young when asked what she would do later she said "I will speak one day in front of the whole world". It will be through Art.

Then it is in France where she will make her career in the world of haute couture, in a world where the flamboyant and gleaming colors of the fabrics, the know-how of craftsmen, the refinement of luxury will inspire a lot.

She created her first collection "la bouche" where the art of expressing herself to multiple pop works enveloped in waving and moiré shades under a new plexi technique, a new digital art will seduce you. She will make you travel through her universe filled with colors of elegance and positive messages. Where luxury and art are one. First exhibition in Montreal to share her art with the world, her childhood dream came true. Believe in your dreams. Miami, Monaco, Montreal, Toronto, St. Tropez, Malibu, Mexico City, St. Barth.