Shinah Lee

Price range: $800-6000

Inner Growth

oil on canvas 48x60"



Fragrant Breeze

oil on canvas 48x60"




40x30 oil on canvas


Deep in the sea

48x16 oil on canvas



The color of breeze

36x36 oil on canvas



shinah lee paintings in toronto

Great Spring

48x60" oil on canvas


shinah lee painting

Joyful Winter

40x72" oil on canvas


shinah lee



20x20" oil on canvas


shina lee

La lune qui rêve

The moon that dreams

20x20"oil on canvas



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Talented in hand craft and drawing when I was a little child, I have never imaged my life without arts. I was still a little girl when I came to Canada, and my sentiment as an adolescent grew while I was experiencing new cultures and education in Montreal. I had no hesitation to join the Fine Arts program in Dawson College and was ready to take the path of creating my place within the art community when I graduated in Graphic Design from UQAM.

My aspiration for painting and my desire accumulated through my experience as a graphic designer. Then it had exploded when my father passed away. I needed some way to create a legacy. This led me to paint flowers as a metaphor for lifetime which is sometimes calm, energetic, mostly focused on love.

When I start to work, I initially painted on the floor. It’s more conducive to accidents and the pigment flows to explore chance which gives the freedom. I usually let the movement flow on the canvas until I feel the flower itself is alive and blooming up on the surface. Then I start to add more performance to develop the emotions.


2015 Solo Exhibition, Gallery Stephen Lowe Art Gallery, Calgary, Alberta Group Exhibition, Galerie d’art Internationale, Quebec -

2014 Group exhibition, Gallery Stephen Lowe Art Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

2013 Solo Exhibition in Gallery V, Montreal, Quebec -

2007 Design Project in Japanese Contemporary Art Festival, Heyri Art Korea

2002 Graduation Exhibition at UQAM, Montreal, Quebec


1999-2002 Major in Graphic Design, Université du Québec à Montréal,

1997-1999 Major in Fine Arts, Dawson College, Montreal


Member of Korean Artist of Quebec, Canada

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