Dave Hind

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dave hind

Life on Mars

50.5x49.5" engraved reclaimed aluminium construction


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Dave Hind finds his inspiration within the debris of reclaimed waste metals and the discarded bio-products of industry, making beauty from abandoned and defective products, such as, aluminum siding, screen doors and old signs. Following themes of agriculture, environment and politics, he centers his art around our relationship with the planet. He has a particular interest in old landmark trees that have been carved away to make way for various infrastructure can often be found engraved out of our waste. His work is a message to bring consciousness to a world in need.

There are trees that have been so isolated and cut back that their existence appears tortured; there are trees that seem to have found a harmony within their crowded circumstance; and there are trees that are unstoppable in their overtaking of that which is in their way.

His series of aluminum 'quilt' painting makes use of reclaimed metal siding which is cut, carved and layered into a mosaic of texture and color. Often using trees as his subject offers a contrast to the industrial nature of his work. His Sacred Arboreal Portrait Project (SAPP) is an on going body of work which aims to historically document specific trees who share their space with the manufactured landscape of our urbanization. It is that relationship of the natural and the constructed world that Hind examines.

Hind strongly values collaboration and inclusion, as he believes it is a way to connect people. For larger installations, Hind has visited schools to get children to input their own piece in the greater project.

What are the answers for us and for nature? While others search for answers, Dave Hind stands firmly and confidently in the question, giving us space to observe and question.

EFA University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario 1992

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit – Best In Show 2006
Look 94 – Award of Excellence – Gallery University 1994
University of Ontario – Gold Medal of Excel-lence Fine Arts 1992

Solo Exhibitions
Field Study – Terase Gallery, Thornbury, Ontario 2006
SW Hamilton Studio Tour – Hamilton, Ontario 2000-2006
Cluster & Glom – Carnegie Gallery – Dundas, Ontario 2004
Thingmaker Music – Harbourfront Centre – Toronto, Ontario 2002
Entitled – Burlington Art centre – Burlington, Ontario 2002
Canada Blooms – Toronto, Ontario 2000

Private Collections
Bank of Montreal
Milton Hydro – Milton, Ontario
The Gathering place – Cleveland, Ohio
City of Hamilton – Hamilton, Ontario