Hanging Artwork

Professional delivery and instalation available.

For all you who wish to DIY we have some tips.

Factors that one should consider when coming up with a picture arrangement include, furniture arrangement, height, and lighting. The furniture placement affects the picture frames and the pictures themselves. They should fit comfortably in with the surroundings and hang at eye level. This should be lower in seating areas such as a living or dining room and higher in standing areas, like a hall. Avoid lighting that shines directly into pictures, as it will reflect and create hot spots obscuring your view.

Some tips on hanging a grouping of pictures:
1. Cut out kraft paper templates of pictures you want to hang.
2. Arrange the templates on the wall until you find a desired pattern. You may want to balance a larger picture against 2 or 3 smaller ones and keep spacing between pictures equal.
3. Hang pictures in the same order as the template design, using a level to check that they are straight.


The ABC's of picture hanging

Tip: Hanging frames is quicker and easier to do with two people.

Tools: level, picture hooks (for drywall or wood) or common screws and plugs (for plaster walls or concrete, hand drill required), hammer or screwdriver, pencil

Once you have determined the wall type and chosen a location for your frame you must determine whether it is to be hung using wire or hinge hangers. If
there is no wire on the back of your frame DO NOT add wire as the hangers provided may not be designed for lateral stress.

Frames With Wire

Using two hooks is a must for proper hanging of any frame larger than 12" in width.
1.Determine the location of the wire (how far from the top of the frame)
2. Measure the width of the frame and find the centre point.
3. Measure away from the centre 1/2 the distance on either side and add
together (this is how far apart your hooks should be placed)
4. Using a level mark the wall the distance down from the top of the frame
that the wire is located.
5. From the centre point of your frame mark the wall where the hooks are to
be located
6. Place bottom of hook at that point and drive in nail

Frames Without Wire
When hanging a frame with hinge hangers your measurements must be precise.
Always measure twice before putting holes in the wall.
1. Determine the distance from the top of the frame to the hanger
2. Measure the distance from the centre of the hangers
3. Using a level mark the wall where one the hooks are to be located
4. Place bottom of hook at the mark and drive in the nail or screw

Always test your hooks or screws before you hang your frame by tugging at
them to ensure that they are secure