Diann Haist

Born in Cambridge, Ontario, in 1943.

Diann Haist is a classically trained artist who uses the combined techniques of the Impressionist Masters and the Old Masters.Each piece is begun as an abstract, using a toned canvas. There is no drawing involved. She lays down broad areas of primary colors and allows the masses of light to guide her to her subject and to the liveliness and depth that have become her trademark. Each layer applied allows the brilliance of the previous layer to come through."The inspiration for my art comes from a combination of extensive travels, outdoor painting and sketching, as well as gardens that I have created in my mind. Above all, my works are based on memories enhanced by imagination. The places depicted are of my own creation and reflect only a conglomeration of realities."In other words, I construct, on canvas and on paper, what is my ideal. Although the flowers and trees are borrowed from all that I see around me, I prefer to re-create them in settings, groupings, and places in which they may not otherwise be seen." Diann Haist STUDIESDoone School of Fine Art Ontario College of Art Central Technical Art College Les Beaux Arts, Quebec City


1999 Joy Gallery, Key West, USA
1993-99 Artisan's Alley, London, Canada
1992-99 Gallery Fyraarstyder, Stolkhom, Sweden
1988-99 Denison Gallery, Markham, Canada
1995 Galerie Pauline Johnson, Montreal, Canada
1994 Maruzen Co. Galleries, Nagoya, Kyoto, Sendai, Okayama, Tokyo, Japan
1993 Dimension Plus, Toronto, Canada
1992 Gallery 88, Clearwater, USA
1991 Tara Fine Arts, Kleinberg, Canada
Bonnie Kagan Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1990 Rosing Fine Art, Thornhill, Canada
1989-90 Gallery 88, Clearwater, USA
1989 Studio Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1988 Rosing Fine Art, Thornhill, Canada
Carol Sterne Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1985-87 The Whitman Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1985 Joseph Hur Gallery, Detroit, USA
1979 La Chasse Galerie, Toronto, Canada
Savannah Art Gallery, Georgia, USA
Hilton Head Gallery, South Carolina, USA
1978 Arthur Morton Galleries, Yorkville, Canada


Bull's Jazz Club, Chicago, USA
Citibank, Head Office, Toronto,
Canada Delphian Schools Inc., Oregon, USA
Fletcher Challenge CDA Ltd., Toronto, Canada
General Motors Ltd., Detroit, USA
Goodman & Goodman, Toronto, Canada
Kanata Hotels Ltd., Ottawa, Canada
Molsons Limited, Head Office, Mississauga, Canada
Sandcastle Hotel, Florida, USA
Selling Travel Ltd., Toronto, New York, London
Toronto Transit Commission, Toronto, Canada
Trizec Equities Ltd., Toronto, Canada
Walsh Micay, Winnipeg, Canada
Wender, Murase & White, New York, USA, Japan, Argentina
Her works are part of numerous other collections in Canada, the United States, Japan, and Argentina as well as throughout Europe