David Grieve

price range $500-$12000

Eyeball Island 60x36" oil on canvas

David Grieve Wagi

Wagi Jumping Rock 85x54" oil on canvas

Warm Shore

Warm Shore 20x30" oil on canvas

Autumn Swamp Grieve

Autumn Swamp 24x30 oil on canvas

morning glow grieve sunrise

Morning Glow 60x36" oil on canvas

David Grieve

Sharpe Storm 4 36x80"


david grieve lookout island painting

Lookout Island

27x54 oil on canvas

bounce David Grieve painting fall tree

Bounce 30x30 oil on canvas

david grieve painting sunset lake

Late Lake

24x24 oil on canvas


Strong Trunk

oil on canvas 24x72"


grieve lookout island

Lookout Island

36x60" oil on canvas


Tree Path

45x45" oil on canvas


grieve homage tom thompson

Reflecting on Tom

48x40" oil on aluminum


10X10" oil on canvas


grieve art painting

For Shore

30x64" oil on canvas



Autumn Hope 15x30 oil on canvas


autumn shore

Autumn Shore

27x54" oil on ccanvas


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David Grieve created his first oil painting at the age of nine. As then, he paints still lives and landscapes. The beauty found in the influence of time and change is his constant underlying theme. David’s bold palette knife strokes, combined with the texture of the paint itself, draws the observer into the scene where they feel actually present. We instantly sense leaves moving subtly; the trees at center stage take on a life of their own, while the clouds move in and out of the frame, through a masterful use of deep shadows, remind the viewer of nature’s immense strength.

His inspiration comes from walking along pathways through protected natural areas. Recalling the sense of tranquil beauty David says, “The path itself is like a metaphor for life. It is a journey from beginning to end, with ups and downs and twists along the way. The sun shines brightly through the open spaces in the canopy of trees, while in other areas, long, dark shadows are cast across the pathway.

He graduated with honours from Guelph University with a Bachelor of Arts in 1994. David then obtained a Bachelor of Education,at Queen’s University in1995. Since then, David has been painting full time in Brantford, Ontario where he lives with his wife and three sons.



Juror’s Award, Glenhyrst, Art Gallery, September, 1998

Michael Scotchmer Scholarship, University of Guelph,1993

Year 4 & 5 Art Award, Pauline Johnson Collegiate, 1989 & 1990




recently sold works


grieve painting

david grieve painting  pine

david grieve painting toronto

david grieve

david grieve



David Grieve Big Storm






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