Stephen Gillberry

range: $500-6000

The neighbourhood


36x36" acrylic on Canvas



Urban Loft


30x40" acrylic on canvas



Morning has Broken


54x54" acrylic on canvas




36x48 oil on canvas





24x24 acrylic on cavas


Waters Way


24x24 acrylic on cavas




24x40" oil on canvas

stephen gillberry painting

Rainy Daze


24x60" acrylic on canvas


Hide and Seak
36x72" acrylic on canvas


Stephen's travels and studies around the world have heavily influenced his work. As well as attending the Ontario College of Art, Stephen studied the Art of a variety of cultures while working and traveling in Europe, Southeast Asia, India, China, Nepal, Japan, Central and South America. These cultures play an integral part in his work, from his use of colour to the ideas and concepts behind the work. Working in both abstract and impressionistic styles, he strives to convey aspects of the beauty and spirituality he encountered. Impressionistically he works with objects and figures that have qualities of simplicity and timelessness. His abstract work portrays balances and harmonies of colour and form without carrying the associations of subject matter, leaving the viewer free to bring their own perceptions to the paintings.
Whatever the painter, poet, musician, or dancer is depicting, the final result implies worlds within worlds since a closer look will always reveal more detail. The same is true with nature which is infinitely more complex and detailed than it first appears. For many years, scientists have been attempting to define matter/life/reality by studying its elements in increasingly minute detail. An atom for instance is made up largely of space in which even smaller particles exist. A closer look at those particles reveals that they are simply waves or vibrations. Since everything in the universe is made of atoms, what appears to be solid is actually just a big musical vibration! Thus, the only difference between objects -- and life for that matter -- is their vibrational frequency. There are no boundaries between objects and nothing exists separately. Things do not contain energy so much as they are energy: the life force, or God, is all that there is. This brings many scientists, philosophers and artists to the inevitable conclusion of the oneness or holism of all things, a harmony in which everything is known to affect everything else. A slight change in any element of this universe can have far reaching effects. I have been trying to portray these concepts of boundary/edge/line verses merging and the underlying feelings of music or vibration in my work. With the use of layering and repeating patterns I have attempted to make each small piece very much like the total picture in principle; it has the same kind of logic as the whole. I am not trying to represent nature so much as making the painting work as nature does, to be a reflection of the dynamism of nature itself.

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gillberry painting  shoreline

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Urban Lights

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stephen gillberry state of the art gallery torontosold
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