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Stefan Galvanek

Price Range 650-4000

Urban Landscapes


Heading out

40x30 oil on canvas


yonge st

Heros of Yonge St

40x30" oil on canvas

galvanek streetcar painting art toronto

Into the night

oil on canvas 24x20"

galvanek union station toronto painting

The Great Hall

16x20 oil on canvas


stefan galvanek

Night Rider

24x48" mixed media on canvas

cycling toronto Galvanek

Riding Downtown

20x24" mixed media on canvas


All Night

36x18" mixedmedia on canvas


Nature Landscapes

31 mile lake Galvanek

31 mile lake

oil on canvas 30x48"



40x30 mixed media on canvas


After the Rain 2

48x 36" oil on canvas


Stefan Galvanek

Lake Land II

oil on canvas 40x30"


Stefan studied sculpture at the School of Applied Art and Design in Europe (Slovakia) where he worked in clay and stone. After moving to Toronto he continued his education at the Ontario College of Art. He is a member and past elected officer of the Ontario Society of Artists, and teaches drawing and painting at George Brown College and the Stefan Galvanek Fine Art School and Studio in Toronto and Parry Sound.

recently sold works

galvanek city toronto

galvanek king st toronto

streetcar Galvanek