Marie-Chloe Duval

Price range: $400-4000


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I paint to tell you a story, to show you my vision of the world, but also to let you imagine and rethink your own. I am eager to create artwork that will shock people, force them to react and analyse how they feel, and create a timeless discussion about humanity, relationships and society.

The themes I studied during my Criminology Master’s are the starting point for my paintings. I focus on issues I believe lack sufficient public attention and translate them into images. My art is well-suited to shine a light on social issues because of the vivid images I use, and my realistic/abstract style. I have come to develop a very personal style that allies the intensity of the black and white contrasts, the intrigue of the realistic/abstract style, and the accessibility of bold but soulful forms. As I was trying to understand my own attraction to the black and white, it became clear that it was an attempt to be as far as possible as the fallacious images filters and over saturated color, which our society is left with. As figurative images meet abstract and dripping touches, the viewer is left with her own interpretation and emotion. Working in monochrome helps to present themes that are delicate (violence, sexuality, death) with calmness and sensitivity. I paint about life and death, about human mistakes, and stereotypes. I paint guns to represent the permanent way in which life can change in a flash, but also to show that a single action cannot be the defining aspect of a person’s life. I paint crows to raise the contrast between quick judgments, preconceptions and reality, and I paint bodies to express that our minds can live in the prison of our own body or enjoying the freedom of movement of our flesh and bones.

My creative process is as chaotic as my mind is. I express myself with my brushes, my hands or with a knife; whatever tools feel right at the moment. I use acrylic for its flow, and mostly because I am eager to paint the next layer of stories. I know a piece is done when I look at her and feel she can be on her own. It is all about the feelings. Once it is done, I just hope that she will touch someone as much as she touched me. I want my art to convey emotion, but moreover, to create emotions.


Born in Quebec, Canada, Marie-Chloé Duval lives a life as bold and contrasting as her artwork. Before being a full-time artist, Duval graduated with a Masters in criminology. Her thesis redaction pushed her to express her vision of our society and humanity through a medium that could speak and connect to the public.

Self-taught, Duval slowly developed into a visual identity and followed a photographic journey before moving towards a full-time career in painting. The first solo artist took part in the first solo exhibition at the Cultural Center in 2016. Her first participation at the Kamouraska Art symposium was not rated. In 2017, Duval was invited to do a live painting performance at the McCord museum Numeric Spring Night. From this moment on, companies started to associate themselves to Duval.

Montreal based, Duval feeds on human interactions, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for her work. The artist analyzes and paints the world surrounding her. She now continues her ascent and is a prolific painter.