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antique map framed well
Respect is the first word in art framing, respect for the art, its materials, the composition, the artists intent, the display location and the clients style and budget.

Object and Memorabilia Custom Framing

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Creating tastefull, interesting presentations for your collections is our passion. Every job deserves its own specific solution.

Featured here is one of a pair of frames commissioned to showcase the lives of WWI Red Cross Nurses.

You can rely on our ability to create unique designs for any special memory you may have.

Every treasured piece, whether art, memorabilia, or functional accessory should fulfill your vision. It should enhance rather than alter your surroundings. That’s why we go out of our way to understand your environment, to ensure your ultimate satisfaction. We would love to create something special for your treasure.

We offer a complete selection of creative solutions for your art and displays including :

  • object framing - full conservation framing - needlework framing - seamless liners - shadow boxes - mirror frames - standing photo frames - floaters -fabric wraps - museum cases - & more
  • None are too big,

    this shadowboxed tapa measures 110" x 70"

    None are too small,

    Below is a 2 sided opening shadowboxcase for a 16th C prayerbook measuring 3.25" x 4.25"

    Collectables are more interesting when displayed well.

    Ask us what we can design especially for you.



    More of our framing examples

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    The finest mouldings and framing materials from around the world, our suppliers maitain enviromental standards to FSC sustainable forests standards

    art glass

    Art Glass

    peterbourough mats

    state of the art gallery


    You can find our specialty work in collections throughout Canada, The US and as far as Australia, Europe, and South Africa. We love a challenge and have the experience to bring your project to fruition. .

    looking for detailed info on protecting your valued items here are some interesting links

    the Guide to Glazing or Guide to preservation matting and framing from the U.S library of congress