Jean Michel Correia

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Espace Blanc

mixed media 30x30



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Une, deux, trois, quatre

32x64" mixed media on canvas


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Born in Chatillon-sur-Seine, France, in 1958, Correia now lives in Magog, Quebec.

French artist Jean-Michel Correia has been based in the Eastern Townships for many years. His academic career in architecture and fine arts led him to the plastic arts, a discipline he has practiced for 35 years. His works, both colorful and minimalist, have been exhibited in New York and Miami. Co-owner of the Magog Theater Gallery - Contemporary Art, Jean-Michel Correia also taught in the Design Department of the Faculty of Planning at the Université de Montréal and in the graduate program in Contemporary Art Practice at the Université de Sherbrooke .He is also a doctoral student in arts studies and practices at UQAM, curator and art critic. 

Highly informed about the history of art, Correia paintings are a clear continuation of the long tradition of Vitruvius, reminiscent of Modrian’s geometrical paintings and of Le Corbusier’s methodology. Correia strictly obeys the golden ratio as he applies paint, wood or cardboard to his canvas. Colours and textures are juxtaposed with subtle nuances. The result is ordered, balanced, rhythmic and poetically architectural.

Jean-Michel Correia’s work can be found in several private and public collections across Canada, France, Switzerland, Belgium, the United Kingdom and the United States.


1984-81 École d’architecture de Paris Belleville, France
1980-77 École des Beaux-Arts de Dijon, France

SOLO EXHIBITIONS (partial list)

2011; 2009 RVS Fine art Gallery, Southampton, New-York

2006 Galerie Envie d’art, Paris, France

2005 Correspondance de A à P, Galerie Riverin-Arlogos, Eastman, Canada

2004 KIAF Korea International Art Fair, South Korea Topaz Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2003 RVS Fine Art Gallery, Southampton, New York, United States

2002 Sur les traces de V à F, Galerie Riverin-Arlogos, Eastman, Canada

2001 Déjeuner dur l’herbe (performance), Centre d’art du Meix Roblin, France

2000 Rencontre avec le portrait de Sylvette, Maison des arts de Sin le Noble, France

1997 Galerie Pascal Vanhoecke, Paris, France

1995 Séries lumière ou l’homme transparent, RVS Fine Art Gallery, Southampton, New York, United States

Séries lumière ou l’homme transparent, Galerie Riverin-Arlogos, Eastman, Canada

1992 Calendrier1992, Galerie Riverin-Arlogos, Eastman, Canada

1990 Galerie Géraud Garcia, Genève, Suisse

Centre d’Art Contemporain de Rouen, France

Autour de la musique, Galerie 26, Paris, France

Galerie Slotine-Perkowski, Le Havre, France

Espace Groupe 7, Paris, France

Galerie Riverin-Arlogos, Eastman, Canada

1989 Galerie Oniris, Dijon, France

1987 Galerie MMH, Brussels, Belgium

RVS Fine Art Gallery, Southampton, New York, United States

1985 Galerie La Malvas, Montreal, Canada

GROUP EXHIBITIONS (partial list)

2012 La Galerie du Théâtre CYL Associés, Magog, Canada

2011 Papier 11, Galerie Riverin-Arlogos, Montreal, Canada

Galerie Robert de Senneville, Sherbrooke, Canada

2008 Conversations Interactives, Galerie Riverin-Arlogos, Eastman, Quebec


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