Sylvie Cloutier

Price range: $600-10 000


cloutier painting

De verre et d'acier

"Glass and Steel"

48x16 mixed media on canvas



Savoir bien s'entourer

30x60" mixed media


Unlike many artists, who theorize before picking up a brush, Sylvie Cloutier prefers to just do and let her natural instincts guide her. She believes in drive and spontaneity, accepting that the materials may wish to express something too.

Over the years, theory or rather certain similarities, e.g., the use of shape, colour or transparency, have left a coherent, well-defined corpus.

Sylvie always begins with a geometric approach - the rational side of her personality. However, at this stage, Sylvie's work resembles collages rather than sketches. There is texture, an architecture of sorts. As she once said in an interview, the architecture in her art starts with a drawing but is overtaken by the poetic side of her personality. Like a puzzle, the pieces finally come together in one painting. Throughout the process, there is a tension that the artist herself struggles to describe. In order to retain this tension, she works vertically, that is, she stands in front of the piece that is lying on the ground.

A form takes shape, an "icon" is revealed before her very eyes. Spontaneity requires a special medium which explains Sylvie's preference for acrylic paints that dry quickly.

There is a surge, but in the creative fireworks, drippings soon follow. As a result, her art exudes tremendous emotional intensity in which discord merges with harmony as if inspired by an inner music that haunts the studio.

Cloutier's art seems like an elegant dance yet there is something monumental about it, too. Current or future owners of Sylvie cloutier's paintings will no doubt agree."

J.-C. Leblond magazine’art summer 1999



1983 – 1984 Cours en arts d’impression UQUAM – Faculté des Beaux-Arts

1979 – 1980 Certificat en pédagogie – Enseignement des arts au secondaire –

Sciences de l’éducation – Université de Montréal

1976 – 1979 Baccalauréat Fine Arts – Université Concordia - Montréal

1974 – 1976 Diplôme d’études collégiales (DEC) en arts plastiques – Cégep du Vieux-Montréal 1985 Ateliers de monotype avec Mme Guitta Caserman-Roch - Montréal

1972 – 1973 Diplôme peinture – Éducation des adultes – Ministère de l’éducation – Saint- Hyacinthe

1969 – 1972 Diplôme Jeunes Artistes – Famous Artists School – Westport – Connecticul USA

Expositions SOLO

2004 Centre socioculturel de Brossard – Galerie Renée Blain

2003 Centre culturel de Beloeil

2002 Galerie Michel-Ange (Vieux-Montréal) – Montréal ; duo avec Mme Nicole Foreman

2002 Galerie Artazo – Sherbrooke ; duo avec Mme Denise Custeau

2002 Galerie Le Rucher d’art – Saint-Hubert - Montérégie

1999 Le Commensal du Musée – Côte-des-Neiges - Montréal

1998 Maison des Arts et de la Culture du Haut-Richelieu – Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

1997 – 1998 Le Commensal – Greenfield Park - Montérégie

1996 Café Passion – Saint-Lambert

1995 Centre socioculturel de Brossard ; duo avec M. Mario Cournoyer

1984 – 1992 Centre d’arts Le Vieux Presbytère – Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville - Montérégie

1991 Galerie Léonard de Vinci – Sainte-Julie

1990 Galerie Quatre Saisons – Vieux Québec – Québec

1990 Maison de la Culture Mercier - MOntréal

1989 Fédération des Caisses d’économie – Anjou - Montréal

1987 Clinique médicale Ville-Émard - Montréal

1985 Galerie Le Balcon d’Art – Saint-Lambert

Expositions de groupe

2001 – 2004 Centre d’art Arts Station – petits formats + performance – Saint-Hilaire

2002 Symposium du Haut-Richelieu – performance publique - Iberville

2001 Événement village de Frélishburgh – Cantons de l’Est

2001 Musée Vaudreuil – Soulanges – « Printemps en art »

2001 Galerie Artérium - Chambly

2000 Musée de Saint-Hulaire – Hommage à Leduc, Borduas et Jordi Bonet

2000 PASSART – Expo passage 1999 à 2000 – Centre d’expo Rouyn-Noranda

1999 – 2000 Lancement Agenda Parcours + Expo Printemps – Galerie Michel-Ange - Montréal

1999 Expo « Éloge à la vie » - Centre socioculturel – Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville

1998 Lévesque, Beaubien, Geoffrion (Courtiers valeurs mobilières) –

Ouverture officielle succursale St-Jean-sur-Richelieu

1998 Centre Vision des arts - Montréal

1997 Maison de la Culture de Gatineau – Expo internationale « Masques »

1996 Diabète Québec – Artiste et membre du comité organisateur - Brossard

1995 – 1996 Centre de recherche en informatique de Montréal (CRIM)

1995 Croix-Rouge – Hôtel de Ville - Repentigny

1995 HMV Music Canada – Performance - Montréal

1994 Événement « 20-20-20 » -Galerie du Centre- Saint-Lambert

1994 Expo Édifice Sun Life – Conseil de la peinture du Québec - Montréal

1993 – 1994 Fondation Hôpital Charles-Lemoyne « L’Espace à voir » - Greenfield Park

1993 – 1994 Galerie de Bougainville - Montréal

1993 Galerie Mayrand – Mont-Laurier - Laurentides

1993 Hôtel de Ville de Boucherville – Levée de fonds – Maison 4 poches

1991 – 1993 Galerie Maxan – Collectif et performance publique – Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu

1991 – 1993 Galerie Claude Brocard – Prévost - Laurentides

1992 Musée Vaudreuil-Soulanges - Vaudreuil

Artistic presentation

Without prelude, without any preconceived ideas, I instinctively create an image. Spontaneously, I follow the preceeding movement and apply it. Unconsciously, I know that I don’t question myself too much. What you see must be presented as the result of a process of artistic progression expanding almost 15 years.

At first glance there seems to be order in my work. Geometric forms are indeed aligned, they position and structure themselves, but it’s to better receive the motion, the impulsiveness of a thrown lacquer at the top of the image or of a fine line winding its way down a long rectangle, well secured at the bottom of the art piece. I cannot disassociate this part of me that organizes, disciplines, takes position….at the same time there is this side of my personality that moves, splashes, acts casually without thinking too much of the consequences.

The vision I have of objects, animals, people, even of daily events, translates artistically in entirely non-figurative images. Kandisky, Miro fascinated me with their approach of forms in spaces, I was also inspired by Paul Klee when I was a young student of arts, his subtlety, his colors, his nuances, the randomness of his mixes…. Collage, the papers…I unearth all kinds. I tear them, arrange and glue them , forming a delicate structure of my conception, the starting point of my creation.

I favor collages for the purpose of structuring and bringing to order with simple forms like circles, squares, rectangles. From this arrangement, I immediately envision what will follow.

The space will be inhabited by a balance of strong structures and subtle organic forms. I want strength and flexibility, the fluidity coexists , always looking for visual balance. Movement is important, I don’t wish to present a stagnant or immobile creation. I am too alive. I try to propose an image where the observer takes part, where he almost has no choice but to follow the path and go forward, to go towards the top…the left.. the center, where his view will catch according to the clues. He can’t stay indifferent, the colors will guide him.

Unconsciously, all the works that I create have the same conclusion; towards the top of the painting there are multiple of little spots, a rainfall of starts or an assembly of pebbles which will help us to find our way. Regardless of the definition given it always appears in my productions, I cannot deny it and I will give it the overtone “HOPE”.

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