Dianne Brouillette

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Diane Brouillette

Born in Valleyfield, Quebec in 1960, Diane Brouillette has a solid background in art. She holds a Bachelor's degree in visual arts (1985), studied engraving in Grenoble (France) and obtained a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts (1989) to perfect her techniques at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts. in Italy. She plays with traditional still-life compositions, masterfully infusing inanimate objects with a new life. "Mother nature is the metronome of my creativity," she writes. "Over and over I pick up her fruits, her flowers, her colours and lost perfumes."
Drawing inspiration from the shapes of fruits and the colours and textures of antiques, Brouillette juxtaposes these elements in such a way that they engage in dialogue and mimic human form. In her most recent production, the human body has taken centre stage, often left hovering between light and shadows, the known and the unknown.
Her acute sense of colour and bold use of texture accentuates the dramatic ambiance found in her work. Collage is an integral part of her work. Her mix-media approach on paper and canvas make emotions appear palpable. Brouillette's art leaves no one indifferent. It will captivate the eye of the spectator, who will enjoy discovering the subtleties of the matter.

Widely collected Diane Brouillette has been painting and exhibiting professionally for almost 30 years. She is recognized beyond our borders for her still lifes executed with such a particular realism that her subjects vibrate and come to life. In recent years, the artist, giving free rein to the power of her imagination, gives a new breath to her iconography. Her characters, solitary, frozen on the canvas, emerge from a world well anchored in the dream, the unconscious and the intimate. Only hands and faces are highlighted. Like her still lifes, the new canvases are executed with the same refined sense of detail and the same richness of matter and light. Diane Brouillette reveals herself and yet her characters keep their secrets, behind a mask, their hands or eyelids down.