Yvon Breton

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breton Yolo Park

Yoho Park

36x48" oil on canvas

Don Quixote

Evasion (Don Quichotte)

36x36" oil on canvas


yvon breton

L'Autumn a Desbien (Lac St-Jean)

oil on canvas 30x30"



48x40 oil on canvas



Heart of the Forest

60x40" oil on canvas


Nature Champetre

40x48" oil on canvas



Neige dans le talus

24x30" oil on canvas

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Born in Johnville, Baie-du-Febvre, Quebec in 1942, Yvon Breton demonstrated artistic ability from an early age. He enrolled at Montreal’s École des Beaux-Arts in 1962, five years later winning the prestigious Prince Fine Arts Award at the Canadian National Exhibition. In 1988, Breton became the first Quebecer to be awarded the Prix René d’Anjou from the French government. His early success led him to fully dedicate himself to his artistic practice.

While Breton has experimented with watercolour, ink, charcoal and pastel, his medium of choice is oil, which he applies on the canvas with a palette knife to create unique textures. His exceptional palette strokes and his ability to fuse asymmetrical strokes and movements into a concise painting is one of his most recognizable traits.

Breton compares his work to poetry; a visual poetry inspired by the shapes, colours and movements of the wilderness. Amateurs and collectors alike appreciate his passion for nature, evident in all of his work.


You may read a full feature article from MagazinArt here (7meg pdf)


1961-62 École des Beaux-Arts, Montreal, Quebec (Graphisme)
1959-60 École des Beaux-Arts, Montreal, Quebec (Formation en arts)

SOLO EXHIBITIONS (partial list)

2011 Stephen Lowe Art Gallery, Calgary, Canada (duo with Alex Fong)

2005-1998 Galerie Les Peintres Québécois, Quebec, Canada

2005-2000 Galerie Québec-Art, Quebec, Canada

1998 Galerie Michel-Ange, Montreal, Canada

GROUP EXHIBITIONS (partial list)

2016 Chase Art Gallery, Beaconsfield, Canada

2010 Stephen Lowe Art Gallery, Calgary, Canada

2003-1998 Galerie Michel-Ange, Montreal, Canada

2002 Ville Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada

2001 Galerie Art & Style, Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec, Canada

1999 Musée régional Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Quebec, Canada

Galerie du Symposium, Danville, Quebec, Canada

1998-94 Galerie Pauline Johnson, Montreal, Canada

1998 Musée des Beaux-Arts, Montreal, Canada


1988 Prix René d'Anjou, ville de Lorraine, Quebec, Canada
1988 1st Prize, open category, Ass. Culturelle Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, Quebec, Canada
1967 Winner of the Price Fine Art Award


Guide Parcours, Montreal, article, 02-1998

recently sold works

Yvon Breton Cap Tourmente

85x60 oil on canvas

yvon breton

Algonquin Park Yvon Breton

Yvon Breton